The Journey Has Begun: Collaborating on a New Open Source Project

The journey has begun! Myself, Davide Bellone and Wouter van Vegchel are embarking on a new open source project together to build a fun platform for helping dev bloggers share their content and hel... read more

Delete Unused Images from a Jekyll Website using Powershell

When I moved my website from WordPress to Jekyll, a lot of unnecessary images were transferred over that were increasing the size of the GitHub repository by as much as 40%. As a Windows user, ... read more

How to Create an Angular 9 App From Scratch

Roughly a year ago I was beginning a new job where one of the requirements was to use Angular on a daily basis. There was only one problem, I’d never used Angular before. I’d been honest in the i... read more

My Thoughts on Microsoft Build 2020

Microsoft Build 2020 is over for another year, but for those of us that didn’t get a chance to watch the live stream, now is the perfect time to watch all of those sessions recorded over the last f... read more

Creating Your Own Custom Attributes in C# and Retrieving Their Values

You would think after using a programming language for years that you’ve seen it all - we all know this simply isn’t the case. Custom attributes is a feature of C# that I had seen being used by oth... read more

Steven McLintock

Kilt & Code is a blog written by Steven McLintock, a full-stack developer originally from Scotland. Steven uses Microsoft languages and platforms such as .NET, C# and Azure and has been working as a developer since 2006.