Kilt and Code
Kilt and Code

It’s been a little over 2 years now since I created this website and started writing blog posts on whatever I found interesting. Mostly on software and web development, such as Best Practices for Writing Unit Tests in C# for Bulletproof Code, Show Validation Error Messages for Reactive Forms in Angular 9 and How to Create a Blog Using Jekyll and GitHub Pages on Windows, but also on my early career, including My Journey to Becoming a Full Stack Developer and Coming to Canada: Immigrating to Toronto as a .NET Developer.

During this time I chose to publish these articles on this blog (, hosted on GitHub Pages and using a custom Jekyll theme that I’ve enjoyed building from scratch and optimizing for readability and performance, moulding into the now open source theme that I’ve jokingly named Deep-fried:

Deep-fried Jekyll Theme

The “Deep-fried” Jekyll theme can be found on GitHub and is named after “Scotland’s craziest takeaway”, the delicious and ridiculously unhealthy Deep-fried Mars bar. Deep-fried has no third party libraries, (e.g. Bootstrap or jQuery) so is blazingly fast, supports GitHub Pages and only includes what is absolutely necessary. You can easily customize the theme to fit your requirements, or you can tweak the built-in settings located in the _config.yml file.

If you would like to use the Deep-fried theme on your Jekyll website, or to simply learn more, please see the detailed instructions on how to use the theme at the GitHub repository: