Best Practices for Writing Unit Tests in C# for Bulletproof Code

In my experience, developers have a love hate relationship with unit testing. I don’t know if some find it tedious, or some just don’t see the value in writing code to verify if other code works. ... read more

Puppeteer Sharp: Crawl the Web using C# and Headless Chrome

Puppeteer Sharp is a port of the popular Headless Chrome NodeJS API built by Google. Puppeteer Sharp was written in C# and released in 2017 by Darío Kondratiuk to offer the same functionality to .N... read more

Azure Logic Apps: How to use Microsoft’s Serverless & Codeless Integration Platform

Azure Logic Apps is a powerful serverless integration platform released by Microsoft in 2016. The definition of a 'Logic App' is open to interpretation (in my opinion), as the user defines what the... read more

How to use Azure Batch Job Schedule

This is a follow-up to the article ‘Using Azure Batch to Orchestrate and Execute Code at Large-Scale’. If you are unfamiliar with Azure Batch, you may find it useful to read this first. Once you h... read more

Using Azure Batch to Orchestrate and Execute Code at Large-Scale

Azure Batch is not a new technology by Microsoft, but for some reason it doesn’t seem to be receiving as much attention as similar Microsoft cloud platforms: Azure Functions and Logic Apps. Azure ... read more

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